Turn a corner of your solar farm over to wildlife and start generating Wild Power!


Wild Power is a voluntary certification scheme for biodiversity at renewable energy plants.
Wild Power sets a transparent and challenging benchmark for the renewable energy industry’s efforts
to boost biodiversity. When certified, you can label the electricity you generate as “Wild Power”
and thereby show to your customers your commitment to restoring wildlife.

Wild Power’s goal is to encourage biodiversity through assessment and recognition of responsible land management.
As ground-mounted PV solar farms are now part of the landscape, the biodiversity and ecosystem services that these sites
can provide for have become important. Some great efforts have emerged recently to improve biodiversity at PV sites.
Wild Power will help this process by setting industry standards for biodiversity on PV sites. We will certify sites
as producing “Wild Power” per these standards, providing guidelines and support.

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What We Do

Wild Power sets out guidelines for sites to meet the standards of Wild Power certification. PV sites will register interest and hire a local ecologist to develop a rewilding plan which meets the Wild Power standards and does not impair power production.

Once implementation of the plan is under way, an independent auditor will verify the site. Based on the auditor’s verification, Wild Power CIC will award a Wild Power certificate for the site. It will also attach Wild Power certification to the Guarantees of Origin / ROCs generated by the site so that the electricity can be sold as “Wild Power certified”.

Wild Power is started its operations in the UK but we intend to provide certification across the EU and the USA in the near future.

3rd party validation and NGO involvement

We have an agreement with Verico SCE, a European environmental verification association, as the primary verifier.

NGOs will also be asked to support us in monitoring of the Wild Power sites, especially for identified indicator species.

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Who benefits

  • Wildlife, through habitat creation and rewilding of PV sites.
  • Energy companies, by generating additional revenues from selling Wild Power certified electricity at a premium.
  • Land owners and asset owners, who will have the confidence that their solar farms are contributing to local biodiversity, supporting pollinators and threatened species.
  • Local communities, whose PV sites will be aesthetically pleasing and a source of wildlife.
  • Green consumers, who will know that the Wild Power Label means they are supporting British wildlife through their electricity bill.
  • Local ecologists and conservation NGOs, who will be needed for biodiversity planning, survey and verification work.

Recent developments

Ongoing activities - pilot site assessments

Our goal is to encourage biodiversity at energy sites through assessment and recognition of responsible land management – we build alliance working with the industry, NGOs and scientific institutions.

Wild Power has committed to undertake a pilot assessment of 2 large scale ground mounted solar farms in the UK. The purpose of this assessment is to test the Wild Power certification process using operational solar farms in the UK, and use the results of this assessment to adapt and strengthen the certification process, and to award the first WP certificates.

  • Site 1. Southill Solar Farm, Charlbury, West Oxfordshire
  • Site 2. Lower End Solar Farm, Marston, Wiltshire

Who we are

Wild Power has been setup by Avocet Holding and Klimafa

James Atkins, Avocet Holding
James is the managing director of Avocet Holding, an environmental finance and investment firm. It is a co-owner of Vertis Environmental Finance, an emissions trading company which serves industrial and aviation clients in the European Union Emissions Trading System. Avocet also has investments in organic farming and community forestry. Contact James Atkins at
David Gazdag, Klimafa
David is the managing director of Klimafa. David is a specialist in ecosystem-based climate change projects. As former climate advisor of the last Hungarian Minister of Environment he has knowledge of EU policies, and participated in the Copenhagen climate summit. As the climate expert of SQS, an independent verification firm. he has participated in over 40 validations including one of the first validations of the REDD methodology for emissions reduction through forest protection. He has been involved in the development of a renewable energy certification scheme associated internal quality control processes. Contact David at


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