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How it Works

A new standard for biodiversity at renewable energy sites

Solar farm biodiversity

Power Approved
by Nature

Step 1: Measure

Our 26 point scorecard is an industry first. A free-to-use resource developed and maintained by industry expert ecologists to inform site design and to help you assess and measure biodiversity at your solar farm.

Step 2: Evaluate

Wild Power will use our panel of independent ecologists and the scorecard system to assess a solar farm’s biodiversity framework. We’ll evaluate, report on and benchmark a site’s contribution to biodiversity.

Step 3: Certify

Qualifying sites will be issued annually with Gold/Silver/Bronze Wild Power certification and the right to apply the Wild Power trademark, a third-party verified standard in biodiversity. Non-qualifying sites can use the scorecard to identify and undertake remedial actions.

Step 4: Broadcast

Wild Power certification will provide you with the means to communicate your commitment to bringing back nature and the opportunity to monetise this new standard in wild and green electricity.

The Scorecard

“What gets measured gets managed … (Drucker, 1954)”

Wild Power’s 26-point Solar Biodiversity Scorecard is the industry’s first standardised methodology for assessing and measuring biodiversity on solar farms, creating a standard for certification of biodiversity and natural capital enhancements at renewable energy sites.

The scorecard is a free-to-use resource that can inform site design and development, track progress in on-site biodiversity and allow comparisons across projects.

Using the scorecard provides a means to assess natural capital gains on site and identify areas where positive changes can be made to site management or habitat provision.

Sites achieving qualifying scores have the opportunity to be certified as Wild Power sites: clean energy made wildlife friendly.

Wild Power solar biodiversity certification and scorecard