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Resource  1

The Scorecard

The industry’s first standard for measuring and reporting on biodiversity on solar farms.

Resource  2

Creating ROI for Biodiversity - Attitudes to Biodiversity and Electricity Bills

Highlights from our recent consumer polling of 2,000 electricity bill payers. We asked about attitudes to biodiversity and willingness to reward investment in biodiversity on solar farms with a material ROI for investing in nature.

Resource 3

Solar Energy UK Natural Capital Best Practice Guidance:

Increasing biodiversity at all stages of a solar farm’s lifecycle.

Resource  4

The Solar Commitment Biodiversity Register

A tool for recording biodiversity commitments whether voluntary or made as a condition of renewable facility planning permission. Provides the means to monitor, record and – if desired – report on progress made in fulfilling commitments.

Resource  5

Announcing the first Wild Power Certification!

West Raynham Solar Farm Wild Power® Gold Certification – May 2024.